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2017-02-02 - 2021-12-31

Validating of Technologies for Reservoir Engineering (VALTER)

The VALTER project comprises two large-scale in-situ experiments at different scales: in the Grimsel and Bedretto tunnels. Both address questions associated with the validation of stimulation procedures and sustainable utilization of heat exchangers in the deep underground. Stimulation concepts are tested in-situ while hydro-seismo-mechanical key parameters are monitored at a high spatial resolution. The addressed questions are:

  • Which stimulation concepts are appropriate for enhancing the permeability by orders of magnitudes while minimizing induced seismicity?
  • What are the relationships between the hydro-mechanical response, the stimulation concept, permeability creation, effective porosity and induced seismicity?
  • How can micro-seismicity be minimized?
  • What are the heat exchanger properties of the reservoir?

Project Leader Institution

ETH Zurich

Project Contact

Domenico Giardini

Project Funding

Federal Office of Energy


Geo-Energie Suisse

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